About Us

We just love what we are doing

We are always listening to our customers’; Understanding their needs, sensitivities, urgencies and are passionate to push ourselves to come close to their expectations.

We understand that most of things that we offer are hygiene in today’s environment, yet we keep trying to surprise our customers’ by showing that little extra which brings smile on their face. Testimonial to that is why are in still in business.

Working from a small place in south of Bangalore, we have been building our catalogue not just with the best sellers, but also adding titles which are hard to find.

We are still adding many more Indian language titles as possible under one platform so that readers could find what they were longing to read and could not get their hands to it.

The list might not be as exhaustive as you would imagine, however, we are striving towards getting as many titles into our fold. Alternatively we urge our readers to keep coming back with their requests/suggestions so that we will be able add them on this platform for the larger good.

Do write to us at support@gustobee.com and we promise that we will add to our to-do list.

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